This Is the Result When Frequently Punishing Kids

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Discipline in children should not be enforced by punishing children. Because, this can actually be bad impact.

Disciplining a child is not easy. Unconsciously, parents often do so by punishing children. In fact, if too often punish the child, the result is very bad for their growth.

Recognizing the Type of Punishment

Based on the publication of Virginia State University, there are four types of punishment. The fourth is physical punishment, verbal punishment, penalty, and the penalty.

Examples of corporal punishment are hitting, slapping, tweeting and flicking. While verbal punishment is a punishment that is given by using words or sentences that hurt the child’s feelings. For example: “If you are naughty, Mama does not love you anymore”.

Punishing children with physical or verbal psychological impact on children. The punishment can make the child hate himself. The child will think that there is something wrong with him, so that he is treated like that by his parents.

Children become thinking that they are naughty so eventually tend to misbehave. In addition, when parents often use violence to solve problems, children will imitate them in conflict with others.

Then what kind of detention penalty? For example: “If you do not do homework, you cannot watch television”. While the example of this type of penalty: “Because you have carelessly eliminate the father’s phone, the father will reduce your pocket money”.

Consequence Method

One effective way to discipline a child is to use the method of consequence. That is, parents need to let the child get the consequences for the actions that he did.

What are the consequences? For example, if a child does not want to go to dinner with family, parents can give the consequence of letting the child starve.

However, keep in mind that when it comes to it, parents should avoid high tones. Also avoid using harsh words. Through this method, the child will learn from experience.

Children who feel uncomfortable consequences for their actions, tend not to repeat them again. However, this method cannot be used every time the child is not disciplined.

But there are other things you should look for if you want to apply this method, the age of the child. This method cannot be applied to children under three years old.

So, be smart to read the situation. Punishing children, let alone physically and verbally, is not an effective method of discipline. While penalty and penalty penalties can be effective for disciplining children when parents can use them appropriately.