This as a Result When Toothbrush Just Once a Day

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Do not lazy toothbrush. The reason, brushing your teeth only once a day can invite illness.

According to research journals Faculty of Dentistry University of Indonesia, the habit of toothbrush only once a day is quite common. This is especially true among children.

Another fact is that mothers were brushing their teeth more often than other family members. While fathers tend to brush teeth longer.

What happens if someone spends time brushing your teeth at night? The rest of the food eaten since morning, noon, and night can get stuck in between teeth. Then the rest of the food will accumulate.

This habit should not be allowed, unless you want to deal with gum disease. The most noticeable feature of gum disease is bleeding gums when brushing.

Untreated gum disease gets worse, which can lead to periodontal disease or tooth support tissue. If the tooth has experienced periodontal disease, the tooth can shake.

Gear that has been rocking will grow shake up over time, until finally had to be revoked and replaced dentures. When this happens, would require a fee that is not cheap for treatment.

But that’s not the only risk you have to face. You can also deal with cavities. Indeed, patching teeth can be a solution. However, the patch will not last long because there is plaque attached to the teeth.

If it’s like this, it needs re-patching. But this requires more network retrieval, so the longer it gets thinner. As a result the tooth so easily broken.

Indeed, the germ takes 48 hours to damage the teeth. This is what ultimately led to the idea that brushing once a day should not problem.

The problem is, how to brush your teeth is not necessarily true. Therefore, the American Dental Association advises to brush twice a day: in the morning and at night.

Yuk, avoid the habit of brushing your teeth only once a day. From now on routine brushing your teeth twice a day so you have more chances to clean your teeth to prevent tooth decay.