The Importance of Choosing a Toothbrush with Antibacterial Ingredients

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Be careful, choose the wrong toothbrush can cause problems in your teeth and mouth.

Many people assume that tooth brushing is the only way to maintain oral health. In fact, there are still some steps to be taken to protect the area from disease. One of them is by choosing a toothbrush properly.

Why is it so important? According to The Scientific World Journal, toothbrushes can be a place for bacteria to breed. The journal even reveals, there are more than 700 bacteria, fungi, and viruses that can breed in toothbrushes.

All the bacteria, fungi, and viruses come from your mouth. The bacteria found on the toothbrush shortly after brushing your teeth can survive for 1-7 days.

In addition, bacterial contamination of the toothbrush can also occur through air, touch, or when kept in a closed place. According to the journal Nursing Research & Practice, many bacteria are trapped on toothbrush hairs. Its survival depends on the type of bacteria itself and the design of the toothbrush.

Toothbrush brush that has been bloomed and arranged tightly can hold more bacteria in it. Not only that, the condition of damp tooth brush hair can also increase the survival of bacteria.

In fact, toothbrush can be a medium of disease transmission due to contamination of disease-causing bacteria. Bacteria that can live in toothbrush include S. Mutans, L. Rhamnosus, and E. Coli.

S. mutans bacteria is the main bacteria that cause cavities. While L. Rhamnosus is a bacteria that causes advanced stage of dental disease, which can also cause meningitis and heart disease endokarditis.

Meanwhile, E. coli is a bacteria that can cause diarrhea and bladder infections. E.coli bacteria are found in toothbrushes stored in the bathroom for three months.

Therefore, the choice of toothbrush is also no less important thing. In order for tooth brushing activity does not turn into a venue for disease transmission, you need to choose the right type of toothbrush.

The best option is toothbrush with a bacteria-free material. A bacteria-free or antibacterial toothbrush usually has bristles with binchotan charcoal content.

Binchotan charcoal content serves to neutralize the air around the bristles, to dry quickly. Fast dry toothbrushes can inhibit bacterial and fungal growth.

Remember, brushing your teeth properly is not enough to keep you from attacking germs and bacteria. Make sure you also choose the right toothbrush. An antibacterial toothbrush with bristle bristles containing binchotan charcoal will help protect your teeth to the fullest.