Genuine Christmas Tree Apparently Healthier

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Why you should use an authentic Christmas tree, this is the reason.

Ahead of Christmas Day celebrations on December 25, a number of places began to install Christmas-related trinkets. Of all the ornaments, there are ornaments that usually never missed, the Christmas tree. Well, although now has sold many imitation trees, but it turns out the original Christmas tree is still the best.

It is said that the habit of installing Christmas trees as decoration started from Germany. History records that, the installation of trees that adapt the shape of this pine tree began in the 16th century.

Along with the times, the Christmas tree that is now widely circulated in the community is a Christmas tree made of plastic with basic materials polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and metal.

As reported by Prevention, a 2008 report from the US Environmental Protection Agency revealed that plastic Christmas tree imported from China has a lead content that is harmful to health. Worse, about 50 million households in America have an artificial Christmas tree.

In some countries, cypress trees used as decoration at Christmas take 15 years to reach a harvestable size. During that time, trees will improve air quality by producing oxygen and providing habitat for wildlife

“The original tree is an important conservation plant,” said Tom McNabb of Yule Tree Farms. McNabb asserted that the original tree is more beneficial because it can produce oxygen rather than petroleum products with additive additives, such as lead.

In 2007, a number of farmers who produced Christmas trees in America formed the Coalition of Environmentally Conscious Growers aimed at promoting the use of the original Christmas tree. They do it for the sake of maintaining the fertility of the soil and healthy river ecosystems.

Meanwhile, Census of Agriculture of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported, more than 343,000 hectares of Christmas trees grown in America were only 4 percent who use additional irrigation.

Looking at the health benefits of using the original Christmas tree, do you still want to use an artificial Christmas tree?