Do not Eat Eggs When Chicken Pox, Myth or Fact?

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Eggs are often regarded as the cause of severe diseases, one of which is chicken pox.

Chicken pox is a disease caused by the varicella zoster virus. Basically, chickenpox is a disease that can be cured without medication. By increasing endurance, this disease can be overcome. However, is it true that eating eggs can exacerbate chicken pox?

This disease has the initial symptoms of mild fever to high fever, then arise a small spots inflamed that contains white fluid and sometimes itchy. Chicken pox is often suffered by children because of immature body immunity.

However, it does not mean that adults are free from chickenpox. This disease can affect individuals of all ages, when the immune system is weak.

Many myths circulating around this smallpox, one of which is prohibited from eating eggs when chickenpox. I do not know where this statement came from, but clearly there is no medical evidence that eating eggs can cause chickenpox to get worse.

The possibility that the cause of the circulation of the myth among the common people is the itchy nature of the spots that occur in patients with chicken pox disease. Itching is similar to skin disorders caused by allergies and one of them is caused by an egg allergy.

However, not all itchy spots are caused by allergies. One example is chickenpox disease that is not caused by allergies, but the virus Varicella zoster.

So, in fact there is no prohibition on eating certain foods when you are exposed to chickenpox. Because the cause is a virus, what is needed by chickenpox is a good immune system. Food with balanced nutrition and regular exercise will increase endurance, so you can fight chickenpox.