Benefits of Playing Lego for Adults

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Although known as a child’s educational toy, lego also has many benefits for adults.

Lego which is a toy like bricks that can be composed is a toy that generous cross-generations of all ages, from children to adults. For children, lego toys are educative and creative. As for adults, the benefits are no less numerous. What are they?

  1. Good for mental and emotional health

    The busy work and daily routine can make you stress or anxious. Lego is one way to relax. When you focus and concentrate on lego, everything that makes stress or anxiety will be momentarily forgotten. So, you too can feel relaxed.

  2. Exercise skills in problem solving creatively

    Just like real life, building a construction or design from lego requires planning. There are times when what has been planned does not go according to the desired.
    Playing lego alone can train your skills to find various alternative troubleshooting. Because areas of the brain associated with problem-solving skills will be trained to make decisions and look for an out-of-the-box solution. Complex work becomes simple to you.

  3. Sharpen creativity

    Lego gives space to explore and innovate. It may be that you will discover the skills and abilities that have been hidden. Creativity will be more honed if you play pieces of lego that are not themed, or are random. This activity makes a person free to build whatever comes to mind.

  4. Teach patience and make yourself test-resistant

    To arrange lego according to the design you want it takes time, of course after going through various experiments and errors. Indirectly, this habit makes you a test-resistant person.

People who love to play lego also generally like a challenge and not easily give up when looking at a difficult or crumbling construction design plans. In itself, there is always a push that a construction can be built. If associated with real life, this means a problem can definitely be solved.

In addition to the various benefits above, playing lego can help channel your imagination and dreams of a construction or form. You can also reconnect with memory in childhood. For those of you who like to innovate, lego can be used as an inspiration to give birth to new ideas or develop old ideas and modify them.

For those of you who are already parents, playing lego is one of the most important quality time activities for you and your child. Besides beneficial to build communication, lego can make adults and children can learn together through a pleasant situation. Have a nice play!